Natural zeolites and sustainable development: Practices that mining companies and researchers can adopt to contribute to a more sustainable world

Eng. Fernando borsatto (International natural zeoliteassociation Brazil)

Understanding the role of structure directing agents, aluminum, and
fluoride in the synthesis of zeolites"

Prof. German sastre

(Universidad politecnica de Valencia (spain))

Catalysis at meso scale: bifunctional metal-zeolite catalysts with a spatially controlled distance between active sites

Prof. Dmitry Murzin

(Abo akademi university, finland)

Nano-modified Zeolites for Fluoride Removal


Prof. Isabel Diaz

(Spanish research council)

A story from the travel of cliniptilolite from Semnan to my lab

Prof. Mojgan Zendehdel

(Arak university)

Magnetic nanocomposites of  ZSM-5 Type metalosilicates as active photocatalysts

Prof. Massumeh khatamian

(Tabriz university)

On the mechanism of zeolite crystallization and growth

Prof. Cavus Falamaki

(Amirkabir university of technology)

Chemically Engineering of nanoporous materials channels for catalysis aimings

Prof. Sadegh Rostamnia

(Iran university of science and technology)

Porous Materials for a Sustainable Future: Exploring the Versatility of Zeolites and MOFs in Environmental Applications

Prof. Hossein Kazemian

(University of northern british Columbia)

Zeolite-Based Wound healings: Opportunities and challenges

Dr. Baharak Divband

(Tabriz university)

Investigation of Iranian zeolites from the beginning of discoveries to industrial development; Lack of domestic recognition despite having a global reputation

Dr. Majid pour Moghaddam

Structure-activity Assessment of Zeolites from Amorphous Precursor to Crystals Formation in Oxidation of Bulky Substrates

Assistant Prof. Mozaffar Shakeri


Synergetic effect of dual-template on mesoporosity

Dr. Aliakbar Tarlani

(Research center of iran)

Biomasses as precursors of micro-mesoprous carbonaceous supports in catalytic transformation of levulinic acid to γ-Valerolactone (GVL)"

Dr. Somayeh Taghavi

(University of Mazandaran)